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CHINA: Overview about our tea projects

All of our teas are from tea gardens specialized in organic production which are not using any chemical pesticides or mineral fertilizers.

In 2008 we travelled across China to discover the uniqueness of Chinese tea and to meet with different scientists to discuss the trustability of Chinese organic agriculture. In Hangzhou we met scientists and certifiers of the National Tea Research Institute and found out that there is in very popular regions, for example around the famous Westlake, less or even no organic production. As typical for MARIMO we went to regions far away in the inland, which are less popular for tourists but ideal for organic tea production. For example in the highlands of Enshi the environment is not polluted, the air is fresh and the mountains are ideal to produce teas of very good quality.

Now our assortment covers standard and high quality green tea, black tea and Oolong tea from Enshi (Hubei) as well as yellow and white tea from Menghai (Yunnan).

All of or Chinese teas are certified organic, controlled by DE-ÖKO-039.

photo: tea garden in Enshi, Hubei (Roesch/Segl, 2008)