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Japanese Organic Green Tea

Our Japanese organic green teas come from family tea gardens, who grow and harvest their own tea bushes and do all the production work with their own machines at their farms. Most of the farms work in accordance to the guidelines for organic farming, and some work in accordance to their own strict guidelines. Details can be found on the websites of each garden, which can be selected in the menu above.

Because we buy all the teas directly from the families, and because we only sell them without mixing the teas of different families, all teas of our assortment show the character of the tea garden who produced the tea. Four of the organic tea farms, who are working with MARIMO exclusively, are located in the south of Japan, on Kyushu, the southernmost of the four Japanese main islands. The tea tradition of Japan's South is quite different to the tradition of the production regions on Honshu, the biggest island of Japan, and is characterized by historical production methods.

Please select a tea garden family from the menu of this page to read more about their production methods, variations of tea, and their philosophy, and see some photos of the organic tea gardens.

photo: Iwao Hayashi in May 2014 in his organic tea garden in Mie prefecture. He is the founder of the family farm, who asked us, if we would like to distribute his organic green tea in Europe. With this question he helped build the foundation of MARIMO's organic green tea importation in the year 2007.