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Organic tea garden of the Watanabe family, Yakushima Island, Kagoshima prefecture Organic tea garden of Shutaro Hayashi, Kirishima region, Kagoshima prefecture
Organic tea from Haruyo and Shigeru Morimoto, Miyazaki prefecture Organic tea garden of Luna and Fumiaki, Suikyo tea garden, Nara prefecture
Organic Kamairicha and Black tea from the Kadota family, Miyazaki prefecture Organic tea from Iwao and Kimihiko Hayashi, Mie prefecture
Shincha and Sencha from Mr. Matsumoto, Sakura-no-En, Kumamoto prefecture

All of MARIMO's green teas of the Japanese tea assortment originate from Japanese family farms. We stay in direct and intensive contact with all of these farms. All of these family enterprises are setting valuing on ecological methods of production and processing. Our customers benefit from these collaborations, as much as we and our suppliers benefit from them.

The intensive contact in between MARIMO and our tea farm families does not only mean that we are working as the exclusive importer and whole saler (outside of Japan) of nearly all of our supplier. It also means that we know our suppliers, their tea gardens and the environment of their gardens very well. Regarding the purity of their teas this knowledge functions as an additional guarantee, in addition to the organic certification (since 2010 EU standard certification in case of nearly all our suppliers). In respect to the quality of our green teas' flavour, the direct and friendly contact to our suppliers gives us the certainty that we are getting their best quality green teas.

In return we have committed ourselves, not only to market the tea of our suppliers as "bare goods", but also to transmit their intention: Producing excellent tea in harmony with their natural environment. All of our tea gardens are not producing organic tea because they expect larger earnings. Quite the contrary: Beginning to produce organic tea holds a high risk for a tea garden because for example remarkable damages of the harvest caused by insects may occure, as long as there is no ecological balance in the surrounding area of the tea garden.

Our suppliers enable us to provide our customers with excellent and unique sorts of tea, and this with an outstanding price performance ratio. As a matter of course we always try to broaden the understanding of our customers for the great challenge of our tea gardens to produce these absolute high grade sorts of organic green tea. At the same time we make a contribution to the economic fundament of our tea gardens by constantly rising the ordered quantity.

On our website you have the chance to have a closer look on our tea gardens, the tea garden families and their environment. If there are any questions please feel free to get in contact with us at anytime.